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Imagine being able to build a mountain on your site. Climbing towers have many different uses: from team challenge, to individual challenge, building climbing skills, or recreation. Climbing towers can be built in various heights, with just about any imaginable structure on them. Overhangs, chimneys, mantels-- slanted inward or outward; all climbs are tailored to the needs of the climbers.

Climbing structures can be installed outdoors and indoors, to best utilize resources already on site. All structures are built with security systems to prevent unauthorized access while the tower is not in use.


  • Installed on utility poles, usually from three to four poles, with two to four climbing surfaces. Each side can be built with a different style of climbing route (see photos below)
  • Towers can be anywhere from 25 to 50 feet tall.
  • Climbing surfaces are covered with artificial climbing holds.
  • Multiple climbers can participate simultaneously.
Single Faced Tower

This single sided tower can accommodate up to 3 climbers at once.

Single Faced Climbing Tower

Double Sided Tower

This double sided tower can accommodate from three to six  climbers at once.

Double Sided Climbing Tower

Triangle Tower

The triangle Tower can accommodate form six to nine climbers at once.

Three Sided Climbing Tower

Quad Tower

This four sided tower can accommodate from eight to twelve climbers at one time.

Four Sided Climbing Tower



  • Climbing surfaces can be installed on walls, such as on the wall of a gym, auditorium, barn or silo.
  • Indoor structures allow for year-round climbing, and a controlled environment in which to learn skills.
  • Climbing walls are a great addition to a physical education program.

Created from fiberglass reinforced concrete, Natural Rock is the closest thing you can get to the real rock. Each Natural Rock installation is unique in it's design, form and features. Natural rock has so many natural holds that artificial ones aren't needed. The Natural Rock climbing surface is seamless and available in granite, sandstone and limestone textures. Color options include RedRock, BeighRock and GreyRock created to mimic true rock color.

 RedRock - Natural Rock Climbing Wall SurfaceGreyRock - Natural Rock Climbing Wall Surface



A true rocklike wall, The Evolution climbing panels catapult climbing walls to new heights. The sub-frame structure is completely engineered and constructed from a metal frame designed to exceed current Climbing Wall Association (CWA) standards. Each panel is then connected to the frame creating an exciting climbing surface. Each panel is designed with 12 anchor points and was sculpted by an artist to mimic a natural form with contours and curves always present.

Evolution Climbing Wall Panel System


Regardless of skill level or age, every climber will be challenged by our PlyForm wall. The low cost PlyForm wall is built with a wood sub frame and sheeted with coated plywood.  The results are endless in variety of climbing features, including: overhangs, incline walls, cracks, corners, ledges, dihedrals, mantles, chimneys  and more.

PlyForm Climbing Wall System


This basic options is great for programs that want to incorporate climbing, yet have a very limited budget. The Basic Wall entails the installation of climbing holds directly to an existing wall at your location (inside or outside).

Basic Climbing Wall System

Experiential Systems can also come in and give your current climbing wall or tower a "face lift", by adding new structures, new surface coating or the latest artificial climbing holds.


Traverse walls can be designed and built to meet every organizations programming goals and budget limitations. Whether your looking to install a traverse wall in a school, university, health club, resort, camp, or residence, ESI will work with you to ensure the final design, construction and training meets your site specific needs.

The PlyForm Traverse Wall is created from wood framing and texture coated plywood. Two anchors are installed per square foot. A eight foot by 20 foot traverse wall come with three color coded climbing routes created from 200 climbing holds. Each colored route represents a different level of difficulty (easy, medium and hard).

Traverse Wall Photo


With each custom Traverse Wall installation Experiential Systems will provide your organization with a two hour training for up to 10 people on over 30 different games and training activities to use with your traverse wall. Each participant will receive their own bound manual complete with illustrations and lesson plans for each activity.


Are you on a tight budget or a do-it-yourselfer? ESI has the perfect budget minded option for you, complete traverse wall installation plans. Whether your looking to install handholds directly onto cinderblock or brick, or looking to build your own plywood faced structure ESI can provide you with complete installation plans. Plans include: material lists; tool list; installation instructions; drawings and photos. ESI even sells the t-nuts, climbing holds and textured paint to make your wall complete. Call today and talk with a representative about the type of wall you need installation plans for.

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